Story of an African Musician

Goldfield Music (aka Terrence Hangwani Ndou) is a self taught Guitarist who embarked on a journey to find employment in the city of Johannesburg in early 2000 from the villages of Venda.

“At a very tender age I left my unemployed mother, due to the fact that she could not afford my school fees anymore, and embarked on a journey to find my freedom, to find a way to feed my mother and brothers, and a way to build a better future for myself.

I bounced around between Honeydew, Msawawa, Kyasands and Sgodiphola squatter camps (north of Johannesburg, South Africa), and life was particularly rough at the time!

In 2002 I got referred to a job by Victor Tsakani Sithole, where I worked as a packer in a warehouse for Cricket Horizons (Stuart Surridge), owned by Mike Hermanson.

Late in 2002, cellphones were very scarce, and so I went many months (or even years) without speaking to some members of my family. One day I decided to ask for permission to call home from work. The phone rang and finally it was answered, the words that followed broke my heart… ‘Oh Terrence, we have been trying to get hold of you for months, our mom has passed on, and we buried her 3 months ago!’

I could not hold back my tears, my mission was to come to work in Jo’burg for my mother and my family. I had just been promoted to be a warehouse manager and finally earning a decent salary… and now it all feels like it was for nothing! I missed my mother’s final days because I was working to make her final days better. How can this be?

So, after this news, I got a loan from work that very same day, and embarked on a journey back to Venda to go visit my Mother’s grave.

When I got back to Johannesburg, I dedicated my life to Christ and became a dedicated member in our church, where I started helping pack food parcels for the needy (when I had time!)

But, it was in those days where I fell in love with music (especially playing the guitar.) I decided to buy my first guitar in 2004, and attended lessons for guitar and music theory in general.

I became a very dedicated guitar player as time went on, and I would go around playing with our church band, from Jo’burg to my home village in Venda. I also played in many other churches around SA around that time.”

In 2008, Ryan Hermanson (the son of former boss Mike Hermanson) and Terrence (aka Goldfield Music) started an online shopping website called This started a long journey in online sales, with many ups and downs, but eventually led to them building a waterwise nursery in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.

“My love for music continued to grow as a hobbie, and in 2012 I started building my own professional studio at home… to date I have spent hundreds of thousands of rands on continuously improving my studio, to keep my dream alive!”

Finally, in 2018, Goldfield Music released his first song called ‘Africa nakupenda’, which featured some South African singers from Venda. In the past couple year since then, he has created more than 30 songs, and released his first two albums simultaneously in September 2020. Both of these albums are now available on the Goldfield Music online shop:

Mukondeleli   (mp3 tracks)
Aiming For The Sky   (mp3 tracks)
Full Albums   (zip files containing mp3 tracks)

“I am dedicated to the course of delivering good music to the world, promoting love, peace, and equality as a Musician, Song Writer, Guitarist, Poet, Singer and DJ.

With open arms I have accepted that this is my journey and have chosen this road for eternity, even my children’s children will listen to my music.